Helping people LIVE INSPIRED through healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.


I've had the privilege of working with some fantastic clients, across a range of health priorities.  See what some of them have to say about working with me.




Losing the last tough 30 lbs. and keeping it off

Even though I am a trained Human Biologist and lifelong student of health, wellness, and nutrition.  I found myself needing a new perspective after 20 years of study and practice.  I was not getting the results I wanted.  Lisa Verdejo provided me with exactly what I needed.  She monitored my blood nutrients, adjusted them to healthy levels with the correct supplements, tested my food sensitivities to change my diet, and helped me truly understand how to eat, sleep, and exercise to maximize my wellness.  I can say that I am healthier, happier, and more in tune to my body than I have ever been.  With Lisa’s guidance and strategy I feel like I am 25 years old.  My skin looks amazing.  My body and mind feel better than they ever have.  My fitness goals became easier to acquire and I look great.  I lost that last tough 30 pounds and kept it off with the lifestyle and diet changes that Lisa outlined for me.  Lisa has helped me change my life forever.


Leonard Young, West Bloomfield, MI

Member, The Sports Club of Novi  

October 12, 2018   




Regulating and maintaining weight loss 

My name is Michael and I have been working with Lisa Verdejo for nearly a year. I am 24 years old, just finished my college undergraduate studies, and am beginning my career as an engineer. Lisa is a very knowledgeable person who understands how to take different body types and shape them into what the participant wants. 


My main work with Lisa was to lose weight, shape, and tone my body to meet my specific goals. Lisa used different diagnostic tests to specifically target my problem areas and address the most direct path to achieve my desired intent. 


We began with many different blood work and saliva tests to determine my areas of deficiency. The purpose behind the blood work and saliva tests were to find the proper supplements to regulate my imbalances. These tests were not included in the program and do cost a substantial amount of money; however, Lisa is trained to decipher the results and formulate a plan, best suited, for your specific needs. 


I was taking anti-depressant medication and gaining weight at a substantial rate. Lisa was able to help me, over the course of many months, regulate my weight, get off my medication, and begin a plan to maintain my weight loss. 


Unfortunately, I did not meet my ultimate weight loss goal, but the knowledge I gained was very useful. I learned that Lisa’s program was not only meant for “specific” needs, but covers all categories including stress, supplementation, sleep, exercise, etc.  Weight loss is a marathon, not a race. If you are looking for a quick four (4) week program to get the beach body of your dreams… that simply does not exist. I was a collegiate football player and I exercise five (5) to six (6) days per week. I was already in very good shape before meeting with Lisa, but needed professional help ‘fine tuning’ my body. 


I hope that someone finds this review helpful. Lisa is a very professional, knowledgeable, and caring person. She genuinely cares for her patients and will work with you to meet your specific goals.



Michael W., Ann Arbor, MI

Member, The Sports Club of Novi  

April 2, 2018   




Healthier eating resulting in weight loss 

Thank you so much in helping me get started for a healthier 2018. You really helped me buckle down and start working toward my goals of weight loss and eliminating my back pain.  Through yoga and pilates classes with you, my back is strong and virtually pain free.  Thank you for deciphering the food sensitivity test and blood work and setting me on a path of healthier eating which is resulting in weight loss. It was really great to have you hold my hand and hold me accountable to the goals I know I need to achieve but was having a difficult time getting to on my own.


Bronwyn Steffen, Novi, MI

Member, The Sports Club of Novi  

March 20, 2018   




Losing 30 lbs. in 3 months 

I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and have had a myriad of health problems over the last couple of years.  While each doctor I went to was busy focusing on each individual symptom, Lisa worked with me from a holistic point of view as all the health problems were related to each other.  I set a goal of losing 30 lbs. with Lisa and achieved my goal in only 3 months with all diet!  I have learned how to eat healthy meals and my relationship with food has changed.  From when I started to 3 months later, my glucose and A1C numbers have come back down to normal range and I feel more energetic at age 41 than I did at age 30.  The bi-weekly sessions I’ve had with Lisa not only examine the physical factors but also the emotional and environmental factors that impact my life and how they impact my health and wellness.


Nelson Chen, San Diego, CA

January 5, 2018   




Keeping off excess weight 

I have dieted in the past to lose weight.  I’ve always considered eating a task and did not have confidence in my food choices. I again tried a diet at the start of this year but was unsuccessful.


My wife convinced me to try the 5-day detox program with Lisa. At the end I had lost 5 lbs.


Lisa then offered an 8-session nutritional class and I signed up. I knew dieting wasn’t the answer and needed to get a better understanding of nutritional concepts.


Lisa is a great coach… knowledgeable in nutrition, an effective communicator and motivator.  She explained the various food groups. She showed us good versus bad foods. She taught us that it’s not only what you eat, but when you eat, why you eat and how foods affect your body.


I have a better grasp of nutrition and food. I am more confident in my food choices. I’ve lost an additional 7 lbs. from the 8-session program. I occasionally stray on weekends and vacations but find if I get back to eating the right foods, I can maintain my weight. 


If you’re serious about weight loss and understanding nutrition, I highly recommend Lisa’s programs.


Bob Taylor, Northville, MI

Member, The Sports Club of Novi   
July 28, 2017   





Getting unstuck 

I found myself recently stuck in a deep unhealthy rut. I had gained significant weight because I had very little desire to cook for myself, had every inclination to eat out or order in, and only made halfhearted, sporadic attempts at exercise. I knew better. And I had been better. 

After all, I had finished two marathons and multiple half marathons and, because of my work in healthcare, I knew of the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. But I was stuck in an unhealthy rut, physically, mentally, and emotionally that I couldn't get out of myself. That's when I sought Lisa out as a health coach.

As my health coach, Lisa guided me through a process of not only identifying my top goals for my program but also my motivations (or lack thereof) and then helped collaboratively lay out a game plan to address home cooking, exercise, and sleep, since these were all critical to helping me get unstuck from my rut. Over the course of my 9-month personalized program, I benefited from Lisa's active listening, practical coaching, encouragement, and accountability. 

Through each session, I benefited not only from my own self-realizations but also Lisa's valuable observations and suggestions to learn from what was and wasn't working. By the end of the program, I got myself unstuck from an unhealthy rut. I completed my first triathlon, lost 10 pounds and have kept it off, and have incorporated healthy home cooking as a way of life.

I highly recommend Lisa as a health coach not only because of how knowledgeable she is but especially because of how insightful, caring, and encouraging she is.

Hee Jun Rho, King of Prussia, PA
August 26, 2016   


Losing weight

My top three goals upon starting the 6 month program with Lisa were weight loss, practicing mindful eating & getting back to running consistently.  Lisa was able to help me work toward these goals by challenging me to tap into my inner wisdom, aiding me in clarifying my goals then transforming my goals into actions. 

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been weight loss and a smaller waist size.

The most significant overall changes from the program were improved digestion, higher energy levels and better overall health, which were achieved by changes to my diet based on Lisa’s recommendations. And while it’s still a work in progress, through Lisa’s encouragement I have come to appreciate the benefits & deliciousness of cooking at home.

Lisa was very effective as a Health Coach, bringing to every encounter a feeling of warmth, good energy and mindful listening. Lisa was effective at providing the right amount of encouragement during the program while demonstrating flexibility in making changes based on what was or wasn’t working for me. 

Gail Bazzy, Northville, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
May 20, 2016


Improving eating habits

I recently worked with Lisa Verdejo to improve my nutritional and lifestyle habits. She provided me with the necessary information, support, and encouragement to accomplish my goals for better eating, increasing my physical exercise, and bettering my general mental well-being. Together we set goals to meet my desire for better nutritional habits, such as eating healthier meals and snacks. We also jointly setup  goals for increasing my exercise and reducing stress in my life.  I am now in a smaller pants size, have more energy, and have improved my digestion.
Lisa was always supportive even when I failed to meet some of my goals. My lifestyle is now better by my meeting her on a regular basis for her coaching program. I highly recommend because of her expertise, support, and genuine concern for her clients.

Rich Emrich, Plymouth, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
March 17, 2016


Feeling in control of food

My top goals upon starting my three-month program were to feel in control of food, and look for other ways to deal with emotions than with food.  Lisa helped me by talking through the issues and providing strategies to make the right choices to reach my goals.  The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning my program has been being more mindful of what I eat and walking through steps in my head on whether it’s worth it.  The most significant overall change I have noticed has been giving myself a break and making a plan when food might be an issue.  I would describe Lisa as invested in my success which showed in the detail she put in my program.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to deal with the core issues for a long-term healthy lifestyle. 

Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
January 23, 2016


Getting a handle on eating habits

I worked with Lisa to get a better handle on my current level of fitness and clarity around my eating habits. She is calm and professional, yet her kindness and compassion come through. This helped me to open to change habits that have always been loaded with emotional energy. I enjoyed working with her and always felt supported and guided in a very personal way. I recommend her highly!

Janet Roberts, Northville, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
October 23, 2015


Losing weight

My top three goals when starting this program were losing weight, staying hydrated, and sleeping better.  Lisa helped me work toward these goals by talking openly about any issue, helping me form creative resolutions, and encouraging me every step of the way.  The biggest tangible change I have noticed is my improved diet and increased exercise level.  This program has taught me how to manage my fitness in a way that works for me.  The most significant change I have noticed has been my mood.  I had not given my negativity a second thought at the start, but as time progressed I was able to approach obstacles in a more positive way with the help of my coach.  I would describe Lisa as kind, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking a beneficial change in any and all areas of personal health.

Angela, Farmington, MI
October 10, 2014



Improving teen’s health

It’s been a truly wonderful experience to see the positive improvements in my teen’s health through education and training with Lisa. He’s learning to take control of his health and feels confident and equipped in doing so. He has eliminated the sugary soda drinks and unhealthy snacks and actively seeks more fruit/veggie and protein choices instead. He’s stood up to peer pressure at events and made good food choices. I’m so proud of him and look forward to his continued journey.

Lisa Williams, Novi, MI
August 27, 2018




Decreasing irritable bowel activity

My ultimate goal when I first met with Lisa to discuss my eating/health issues, was to improve my quality of life by decreasing my irritable bowel activity.  Partnered with that goal, was the lowering of my cholesterol level by initiating proper eating habits by knowing what foods to add to my diet, what foods to avoid, and increasing my fiber intake with the daily addition of psyllium husks.  This knowledge was gained by the results of blood, stool, and food sensitivity tests.  The explanation of these tests was thorough and not difficult to initiate into my daily routine.  My third goal was to lower my risk of heart disease.  The decrease in my blood pressure readings, the decrease in the amount of antihypertensive drugs I now have to take on a daily basis is a testament to how a few changes in lifestyle can bring about dramatic results. 


Thank you Lisa for your support and excellent guidance through this journey.  It was a pleasure to meet with you and learn the benefits of integrative nutrition.

Kathy Steelman, Novi, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
July 27, 2018



Living a happier, healthier and longer life

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Verdejo at the Sport Club of Novi this past winter. She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach combined with cutting edge interventions and in depth personalized assessment and testing make her a very unique health coach/nutritionist. She is a firm believer in eating correctly and her food and lifestyle recommendations and nutritional supplements were spot on, thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live a happier, healthier and longer life. I was extremely pleased with the results and have recommended Lisa to several members of my family and friends. Thank you, Lisa!

Tricia C., Northville, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
April 2, 2018




Calming the mind, relaxing the body

Lisa inspired and supported the group participants throughout the Lose Weight - Feel Great program.  Her approach to teaching the workshops are well thought out.  She includes one nutrition and one lifestyle concept that she explains in detail, and shares visual aids to ensure the participants have a good understanding and also so the participants have an opportunity to digest the information between each workshop.  She also helps set up a goal for us to work towards in each session.  For someone that works outside the home, the amount of information provided was perfect, and timing in between each workshop was great, because I had an opportunity to reflect and work on each concept.  Two of the concepts that I have become more aware of and strive to do better for myself to ensure that I will have a better lifestyle are sleep hygiene and daily meditation to calm my mind and relax my body to reduce daily stress. 


Lisa engaged the participants to share their successes and challenges.  She guides you and makes you think about how to overcome some of the challenges.  It is great to have other participants in the coaching sessions to support and walk through the weight loss journey.  I have lost 7 pounds during the 8 classes and have been able to sustain this weight loss.  I will continue to use the concepts and tools that Lisa has provided to continue to make better health/life choices.  This is a great workshop series, and is a platform to jumpstart my continued weight loss journey.  I truly appreciate all that Lisa has done for me. 

Nina Gable, Novi, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
September 1, 2017



Becoming a lot smarter about nutrition

The information provided during the Lose Weight - Feel Great! class has allowed me to think differently about my food choices, and I like that I now understand the “whys” behind why certain foods are good or not so good for you.  The slides were the most helpful in this group class series.  I really liked the information that was shared.


Lisa is very knowledgeable and cares very much about nutrition and health.  I am now a lot smarter about nutrition, and I am more mindful about my food choices.

Lois McEntyre, Novi, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
July 31, 2017

Eliminating irritable bowel symptoms

Working with Lisa was an extremely positive experience. I wanted to work on improving my eating habits, learning about nutrition and limiting cheat days.  By the end of my program, I was able to complete all of my goals physically, nutritionally, and emotionally.  I achieved a lean 155, feeling much healthier, and eliminated all of the irritable bowel symptoms I used to have.  Since the start of my program, I have more balanced and sustained energy, moving from a 5 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10.

Lisa was there every step of the way, co-creating goals for a very structured program.  She was supportive and flexible with in-person appointments and conference calling, as well as tweaking recommendations when things were not going as planned.  Lisa's nutrition expertise, along with her commitment to getting to know her clients, allows her program to be extremely effective and fulfilling.

Patrick Luther, Novi, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
July 6, 2017

Reducing stress, by more than a half

I participated in a 6 month nutritional program with Lisa.  I personally thought I was well versed in nutrition and wellness knowledge, but Lisa quickly showed me that what I thought I knew was only the tip of the iceberg.
Lisa is a highly knowledgeable resource and guide (an expert) in all aspects of nutrition and wellness.  Lisa takes the time to get to know you, your habits, and your tendencies in order to devise a thoughtfully laid out regimen that will track progress and which will keep you accountable.

Key areas where we worked were on improving the quality of my sleep and prioritizing self-care.  As such, my stress level most noticeably decreased by more than a half since the start of my program.  I am much more conscious of what I’m putting into my system.  While the program may be short term in nature, I know in my case that with increasing my knowledge base, it will undoubtedly serve as a path to long term well-being.

Patrick Kendall, Novi, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
June 20, 2017

Gaining more energy

Up until a year ago, I have been very lucky health-wise.  I only visited my doctor on an annual check-up basis or if I had a cold.  But that all changed last year when I had numerous health issues flare up that required surgery and various medications which affected my diet and resulted in additional weight gain as a result of inactivity (not that I was highly active to start).  I reached out to Lisa to get me back on track.  She helped me focus on healing, strengthening and the importance of nutrition now more than ever.  

Lisa was caring, supportive and provided much needed guidance, especially when I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how quickly I could get back to “normal.”  Or even what the new "normal" was.  The first thing she mentioned was that it’s a gradual approach, not a quick fix solution.  The changes I made had to come from me and it’s not a one-size fits all approach.  Lisa developed tailored solutions over the course of the program based on my progress.  She was tough when I needed it and compassionate when I was being too tough on myself all while staying focused on the goal.  That’s exactly what you need in a coach.  Six months later, I now have more energy than before and more structure to help me maintain healthy habits.  Thanks, Lisa!

Tina H., Boston, MA
April 28, 2017

Improving mood, energy level, sleep…and even relationships

A couple of things that would have prevented me from starting this program was time and cost.  I knew I wanted to be healthier, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit, or if it would really, “work.” I had lot of little things I was dealing with that were compromising my overall health, but I didn’t know if they were a big enough deal to spend on having a health coach.  

Working with Lisa as a health coach, I was able to reach my goals in a consistent, doable manner in my daily life.  Lisa guided me towards my specific health needs in ways I didn’t know how, and did so by incorporating small changes and goals within a specified timeframe.  By tackling one issue at a time, Lisa helped me become healthier in every area of my life- physically, emotionally, mentally, and relationally.  Becoming more confident and solving a problem in one area, affected other areas of my life.  It has been a superb journey.

The specific feature I liked best about the program was how Lisa found little ways to change my habits/attitudes/ways that made a big impact on my health.  I loved the accountability of meeting with Lisa biweekly.  She was always positive, and coached me to reach my specific goals in an organized and methodical manner.  Lisa really listened to me and heard what I needed and tailored the program to my needs, in a natural, health focused manner.  I see and feel the results of Lisa as my health coach.   With effort and a plan, I thankfully get to live the results on a daily basis.  

If someone is interested in improving his/her health, I highly recommend working with Lisa as your health coach.  I went from an attitude of “Well, this is as healthy as I can be for the place I am in life right now”, to “I didn’t know I could feel this together and good!”  I’ve had significant improvement in my mood, energy level, sleep, exercise, leisure time, eating, and even relationships.  

Taking the time and money to spend on yourself is not as selfish as I once thought.  In turn, I have more to give those I love, more to give to my work, and more time, believe it or not, to do the things I love to do.  Before, I felt stuck and out of control.  Now, because of Lisa’s suggestions and my work to be consistent and diligent, I feel amazingly free and in control.  This journey has been worth every minute and every penny.  I have a life that feels good all the way around, and it’s all been done naturally!

Sue Segerstrom, Novi, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
April 21, 2017

Clearing out brain fog, addressing inflammation

I have read many books on nutrition and how it impacts inflammation.  I recently read a book that stated diseases such as Alzheimer's is caused due to inflammation in the brain and that this inflammation is impacted by the foods we ingest.  Due to the fact that I have struggled with word finding and brain fog for quite some time, I knew I had to start adjusting what I was eating.  Even though these books outline what to eat, it was rather complicated and sounded extremely unappetizing.

After completing a detox program with Lisa, it was obvious that she is extremely knowledgeable and would be able to help me figure out how to approach this issue.  After completing a medical/health history, she was able to zone into areas that I should address.  I could not get over how my word finding has dramatically improved and my brain fog lifted.  It was interesting to know that it was not just adjustments to food that I needed to make but also to sleep.

While some of my food selections have changed, I still enjoy eating and it has been fun to try new recipes.  I don't feel restricted about the amount of food I can eat, just needed to adjust what I eat.  Happy that I do not have to weigh food or count calories. She has made this process easier and less daunting than it seemed.  In addition, I have lost ten pounds from dietary changes.  This was a wonderful experience and I feel I have the understanding of how to continue towards gut and brain health in order to decrease inflammation.

Mary Connolly, Plymouth, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
October 24, 2016


Learning how to eat healthily

Thank you for teaching me how to make wise choices to eat nourishing foods and the importance of reading between the lines of labels during our sessions together.  I feel now I know how to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle for myself and family.

Lisa Vucinaj, Northville, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
July 11, 2016

Building longevity

Lisa Verdejo has extensive and practical knowledge of nutrition that allows her to customize a plan that meets her client’s needs. She takes the time to understand her client’s food habits and provides both general and specific advice on substitutions that lead to attaining nutrition and lifestyle goals. Her broad knowledge allows her to be flexible with respect to varying goals, body types, metabolisms and levels of exercise. Further her solutions can be maintained over time. 

It was a great relief to work with Lisa and reconcile all of the contradicting nutritional information that is available today into a workable plan that provided results. 

Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
February 1, 2016


Addressing health issues holistically

My goals at the beginning of the program involved managing my health concerns by way of addressing my health issues in a holistic manner.  Lisa guided me through eating healthy, home-cooked meals, introducing certain foods into my diet that supported my goals, and encouraged mental health strategies that were not only approachable and accessible, but effective. 

Since meeting with Lisa, I’ve gained a greater consciousness and appreciation for a healthy lifestyle, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.  Lisa has helped me to meet large goals by way of manageable, smaller goals along the way.

Lisa is an active listener and allows the client to process health goals in a safe space.  Rather than imposing her own ideas and opinions, Lisa provides her clients with the tools and space to help create client-driven goals and results.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is interested improving their health and well being.

Margaret Winter, Northville, MI
January 29, 2016


Family nutrition

Offering a quality, healthful and nutritious lifestyle has always been a goal, yet somehow it's been so overwhelming to tackle on my own. With three little boys and a busy schedule, sugar and processed foods had dominated mealtime. I was finding that I lacked energy, patience and peace in our household.

Lisa has fostered a positive learning environment that I desperately needed. I didn't realize how valuable and essential this experience has been for us. We took mealtime in small chunks, starting with breakfast. The layered approach made it manageable and Lisa's support kept me motivated and on-track with my goals. She has changed my perspective on grocery shopping, cooking and pre-planning. Our house is still full of rambunctious, fun-loving little boys, it just seems a bit calmer, more focused and peaceful. 

Lisa is genuine, knowledgeable and a lifelong learner. She has inspired me to continue to improve our quality of life and held me accountable in a safe & supported manner. Keep up the great work Lisa!

Lisa M., South Lyon, MI
Member, The Sports Club of Novi
August 25, 2015


Healing from surgery

I worked with Lisa on a three-month program following two surgeries - hip surgery and a prophylactic double mastectomy, both occurring within 3 months.  Needless to say, with my bad hip, I had not been very active and with my breast surgery, I was more limited with arm strength and ability to sleep comfortably.  I was lean due to losing muscle mass so I didn’t need to work on weight loss with Lisa; I just wanted to feel better overall - physically from getting back to being active and then naturally by what I was putting in my mouth.

Lisa and I had very engaging conversations.  She was always kind, supportive, and a cheerleader for what was “new and good” as well as sounding compassionate if I was having setbacks or frustrations.  She didn’t push me, she encouraged me and held me accountable.  I picked up some fantastic tips from her, added vitamins into my diet and as a result, my hip has felt amazing and 100% normal since six weeks into working with her!  As a result, I’ve actively been able to keep a somewhat consistent exercise routine incorporating swimming, jogging, and cardio classes.  With each stroke or step I take, I thank the fish oil for what’s it done for me and I’m grateful Lisa recommended it.

Incorporating green shakes, sardines, omega 3’s, fish oil, turmeric, and probiotics have overall genuinely made me feel better.  Additionally, after consulting with Lisa, I added a regimen of taking magnesium before bed and dabbing lavender oil on my wrists and heart to help me sleep.  I’ve seen some improvement in this area.

I would have not thought about most of these, much less incorporated them into my diet, if it wasn’t for her suggestions.  I no longer crave chocolate and I ate it, literally, everyday.  In summary, working with Lisa was enjoyable, informative, and I walked away physically feeling better and I am more educated on what I need to do to maintain this great feeling.  Thank you Lisa!

Carrie Fabris, Dallax, TX
July 28, 2015


Prenatal health 

I sought Lisa’s help for guidance on navigating my pregnancy in a healthy manner.  While I consider myself pretty healthy overall, I’ve always been able to maintain my voracious appetite with high metabolism inducing workouts.  Pregnancy changed my game however with its limitations in what was physically safe for me to do, in addition to the tiredness it brought.  While weight loss was obviously not a goal in this case, we focused on many other challenging aspects that pregnancy can bring: exploring pregnancy safe workouts, ways to increase fiber in diet, and battles with pregnancy induced back pain and tiredness.   I also really enjoyed the Circle of Life exercise, you should ask her about it!

Having always been very active in cardio workouts such as running, triathlons and Insanity, I needed some new ideas to get workouts in that were pregnancy safe yet still effective and enjoyable.  Together Lisa and I discussed and explored different options  and came up with a suitable plan that involved swimming, pre-natal Pilates and walking.  Lisa’s expertise and certification in Pilates was extremely helpful to me as I always had viewed it as boring and for whimps, but the program she chose for me was enjoyable and effective!   She was also a wealth of information when it came to nutrition and through exploration and suggestion, she was able to introduce me to several fiber rich foods that I was unaware of, as well as educate me on the proper balance and help me create a healthy habit of fruit eating.  Lastly, we spent some time exploring different stretches, exercises, and sleep aids that could address some of the discomfort I was experiencing associated with back pain and sleep.  While not all of them stuck, the education and exploration process was beneficial for me.

Overall, I feel that Lisa comes from a very unique and diverse background, having been a successful corporate working mother, yet always with a passion for holistic health issues such as nutrition and Pilates.  She was exceptional in understanding perspective, likely rooted from her various experiences in life, and is natural born mentor/therapist who is great at listening.  She is great at making you think about things you didn’t know you needed to focus on in a very encouraging manner.  Some of Lisa’s other clients have mentioned that they benefited from her therapy as an added bonus – thinking it would originally be all health focused.  I’d highly recommend Lisa to anyone who really just wants a fresh perspective on life!

Ming Fawn Chow, San Francisco, CA
January 27, 2015


Improving work/life balance

I started working with Lisa at a time when my work/life balance was completely out of whack.  I was a busy marketing executive, commuting to work 3 hours each day with a packed meeting schedule.  The long commute meant I left the house really early and came home really late.  And I would be miserable at home… tired, hungry and grumpy.  I was concerned this would affect others in my personal life, so things had to change.  My primary goals with Lisa were to improve work/life balance, manage stress and adopt a healthier lifestyle (diet and exercise).  

Lisa is extremely motivating, but in a very calm, understanding way.  She’s an amazing listener.  We would start each session with a “short” agenda of the topics we wanted to cover.  Often I would digress and go off on tangents, but she never interrupted.  Instead she listened intently, summarized the key concerns and turned the conversation into actionable items.  She was great at brainstorming ideas on how to incorporate healthier lifestyle changes in ways that wouldn’t disrupt my normal schedule.

For example, when we first started, I never ate breakfast.  Who had time for breakfast when there’s traffic waiting for you?  Through encouragement and brainstorming, Lisa suggested a few options that helped me incorporate breakfast into my daily routine. After a few weeks, I noticed I didn’t have to “remind” myself to eat breakfast.  It became second nature to me.  I was happier, healthier and I felt more accomplished.

I could list the many lifestyle tweaks we made during our time together, but at the end of the day, working with Lisa helped me a ton.  I was eating better, drinking more water (I never realized how dehydrated I’ve been for the past decade) and overall less stressed and happier.  However, to say I’ve gone from ‘zero to hero’ would not be accurate.  There is still much room for improvement (i.e. exercise) but working with Lisa put me on the right path.  I now have a foundation of knowledge and experience to help me get there.

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to improve his/her overall lifestyle and health.  She’s friendly, patient, encouraging and supportive.  Exactly what I needed.

Christina H., Los Angeles, CA
November 24, 2014

Corporate WellnessCity of Novi

I currently run an employee wellness program for 400 employees. I am constantly seeking out partners to provide seminars and other health and wellness programs to our very diverse population. Lisa approached me about providing resources to employees and I immediately knew she was someone who would be beneficial to our team. Lisa has a very calm and comforting personality and has been a pleasure to work with. Scheduling, coordinating and developing our sessions has been incredibly easy.

Lisa has provided more than just a typical “lunch and learn” environment. She has brought a more interactive format to these sessions, which has been great for everyone involved. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a corporate wellness partner. Her knowledge and ability to customize her programs to her client are very helpful attributes that make her a pleasure to work with.

Jackie Smale, Novi MI
Human Resources Generalist
December 8, 2015

Corporate Wellness - General Motors 

I am a Wellness Program Coordinator with Interactive Health.  One of my roles is to provide informational Lunch and Learns to my clients.  Lisa was referred to me through a reliable co-worker as someone who could provide a high quality session to those seeking guidance in the area of health and wellness.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with Lisa because she always arrives early, is extremely organized and prepared, and is able to develop her presentations based on what the audience desires.  Lisa is a very calm, collected and inviting individual.  All of her sessions have begun with relaxing music and three deep breaths, which helps to set the tone for the rest of the session.

A client who attended Lisa’s presentation described her as being comfortable, well-spoken, and informative.  I would recommend Lisa’s services for anyone looking for private help or for those looking to bring her in for presentations at a large company.

Carly, Pontiac, MI
November 5, 2015


I am currently the program coordinator for a large company’s wellness program. I am very careful who I hire to work with my participants. I want them to receive the best, most appropriate information out there. I also want for them to enjoy the experience of learning. I asked Lisa to present to my participants this January. They loved her! Her careful and thoughtful approach was welcoming to them. After she left, I was asked when she was coming back. We have since then held 2 sessions each month and she continues to build upon her previous lectures, but reviews in a way that brings new participants up to speed.  I would recommend Lisa’s lunch and learn sessions to other businesses and community groups without hesitation.

Dana, Southeast Michigan
March 11, 2015

Moms with young kids

Lisa’s knowledge of healthful and balanced living has been a wonderful resource for our club. Her desire to help others live more mindful and healthy lives is evident in her interactions with members, and her willingness to share her expertise in the health and fitness arena has been extremely valuable. With the well-being of ourselves and our families being top of mind for our club members, we will continue to welcome Lisa’s passion for balanced living and her expertise in helping others to lead more wholesome and health-oriented lives.

Meganne Arens, Northville MI
Healthy Activities Coordinator, Farmington Area Moms Club
August 5, 2014


Seasonal 5-Day Detox 
- The Sports Club of Novi

Lost weight
I really enjoyed the recipes! I did so well the first 5 days, losing 6 lbs, that I decided to continue the detox throughout Lent.  I lost over 10 lbs and my hot flashes are minimal !!! Thank you LISA!!

Belinda Kabodian, RN
Fitness Instructor, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
April 20, 2017


Repeating the program enabled me to make a lifestyle change
I've done the Detox program three times now: Summer, Fall and Winter. I feel better and healthier than I have in a long time.  The first time through was a challenge to make so many new dishes, but I've learned now how to manage this. Repeating the program enabled me to make a lifestyle change.  For the most part now I am able to avoid gluten, dairy and sugar (and it's not hard ~ I don't want foods with these things in them because I feel so much better without them!) This has given me greater balance and overall health.  Another awesome benefit to having done all three detox weeks is that I have a small binder on my kitchen shelf that is my 'Detox Cookbook' with the recipes you provided.  I use it regularly - it's become one of my 'go to' cookbooks! Thank you so much!

Anne Hamilton
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
March 31, 2017


Energized and light on my feet
Lisa, I would like to thank you for facilitating this detox experience. The experience was great for me. Although I under estimated the amount of pre-work required, once I was organized, I didn't look back. I felt good over the course of the 5 days (a little sluggish day 1). I was energized and light on my feet! I have changed my eating habits as a result!

Lois McEntyre
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
March 20, 2017


Decreased cravings for sugar and chocolate
The week of Lisa's detox was an interesting journey for me.  I tried many of her suggested recipes and have definitely found some new favorites for my family.  I am cooking with some ingredients I had never used before and have decreased cravings for sugar and chocolate.  I felt so much better at the end of the week and had more energy.  It was well worth the time and effort and I even lost 2 pounds as a bonus!  

Kathleen Nemes
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
March 7, 2017


Feeling “lighter”
Lisa’s 5 day detox program was awesome!  The recipes were delicious and the program was easy to follow.  I wanted to participate to refocus myself on eating healthier, and I even lost 4 pounds without ever feeling hungry!  I felt more energized and my mind and body felt “lighter”.  Lisa was so supportive and her messages were uplifting and encouraging!

Brenda Lionas
Sports Camp Director, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
January 24, 2017


Kept off the 4 lbs I lost in those 5 days
I was interested in Lisa's Fall 5 day detox as it happened to fall the week before I was going on holiday and I thought it would be a great tool for getting back on track with healthy eating. I've always been interested in watching my weight, but now my focus is to feel better, and improve my health for quality of life - especially into my senior years.  I've been learning about how bad sugar is for us, and I know I have issues with cheeses and breads bloating me so I knew for sure this detox would make me feel better.

I did the detox with my 23 year old daughter which made it fun - especially trying the new recipes together. 1st day felt easy, second and third day harder, but by the 4th day we both felt great and were happy we stuck with it. Most important lesson learned was that being prepared ahead of time is key - having the right foods on hand and no 'bad' foods available (especially at night!) kept us able to sustain the detox.  Really it was just about healthy eating - fresh ingredients and keeping away from the chemicals and additives that are plaguing our foods these days. I think the biggest difference that made me feel better is not eating foods containing sugar and gluten.

I continued to eat the detox way on my holiday, but gradually added a coffee every other day, red meat once a week, and a glass of wine occasionally too!  I kept off the 4 lbs I lost in those 5 days, and I even lost another 2 over the next three weeks. I feel better and hope to keep on track through the Christmas holidays.

Thank you Lisa - your detox and the information I took away was a great tool to get me back to feeling great again!

Annie Wishnousky
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
November 29, 2016


More energy
I had a simple goal with the detox program, which was to see if I could get through it and see the results.  I did the program while traveling which was not easy, but it reminded me of how many things I ate and drank that were not healthy for my body.  In the end, I loved it.  I ended up learning a lot about my body.  First and foremost, that I have a gluten issue.  So, now I'm removing gluten from my diet.  Second, I have cut down sugar (except when I eat chocolate) and coffee from my diet.  Third, I reduced my alcohol intake - which is great.  And, I'm now snacking healthily - mostly nuts - to avoid getting way too hungry.  Overall, I have more energy and am feeling good!

Achyut Jajoo
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
November 1, 2016


Recipes fantastic
I enjoyed the detox week and I continue to try to stick to the clean eating guidelines you provided.  I switched around the meal plan a little but the meals taste great and are very satisfying.  I thought the recipes were fantastic and I continue to tweak them as well.  All in all it was a great week and I definitely feel healthier

Julie Carlson
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
October 28, 2016


A lifestyle, not just a week of discipline

This detox worked for me.  During the first few days, I had a horrible headache, wanted to cheat, and was exhausted, but by day 4 I felt great and lost 4 lbs.  I can only imagine the results if I was drinking all the water and exercising more :). This is going to become a lifestyle, not just a week of discipline.  Thank you to Coach Lisa for all of your guidance, support, and positive affirmations!

Trish Breslin 
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
October 20, 2016


More energy, focus and strength

Coming into the detox I weighed approximately 227 pounds, which while I think I can carry that weight on a 6 foot 1 inch frame, I am not comfortable at that weight.  I would consider myself very active and in terms of diet, THOUGHT that I ate relatively clean.  However, no matter the time in the gym, or my nutrition regimen, I was not successful at shedding excess weight. 

I saw the signs for the 5 day detox at the Sports Club, and was curious enough to see what it was all about.  Additionally, I thought that I could get a gauge on what I was putting into my body for energy and how that compared to the detox program.  So I joined the group, and was very excited once I read through the material provided, the recipes and the plan – was really looking forward to the week that lie ahead.   

My experience throughout the week can be analogous to a rollercoaster ride…it had its ups and its downs, but was exciting and eye opening in a very positive way.  Days 1 and 2 were by far the most difficult – a mental fog was accompanied by lethargy and joint pain and stiffness.   After some thought, I believe this was a result of the lack of dairy, or at least that was my conclusion. 

If, in fact, that feeling was attributable to a withdrawal of sorts, it certainly started to ease on Day 3, where Days 4 and 5 were greeted with more energy, focus and for me strength – noticed more strength in the gym for instance on the Thursday of that week, and my belief is that was more a result of the heightened focus element at work.  The energy and focus on the last days of the detox are something that I have been searching for an awfully long time.

In terms of the specifics of the program, the recipes are some of the most inventive and delicious that I have seen/made.  Further, I found the portions to be large, and was never really hungry on the plan. 

The biggest tangible benefit to me, was when I weighed myself on the Saturday morning after the program I had lost 10 pounds.  I enjoyed more the intangible benefits of the plan; having an understanding of the cause effect of what is put into my body as fuel in terms of how I felt physically and mentally.  Post detox, I have effectively stuck with the plan.  I have not had a dairy product, nor have I had coffee. 
I think that when people hear the word “detox”, they think in terms of negativity given cessation of certain habits.  I am not sure it’s a fair word for this program.  Even during the low point of the coaster ride, you could see and feel a very clear path to wellness here such that in my view, this is much less a “detox” and more way of being. 

Thank you again Lisa - I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the program, and the knowledge and support you provided through the process.

Patrick Kendall
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
August 6, 2016


Easy to follow…inspirational voice
I can’t thank you enough for the AWESOME experience I had doing the cleanse. My reasons for doing the cleanse were because I wanted more energy, I didn’t want to crave the crap food I was eating and of course wanted to trim down a bit.  What I loved about your program was that I was eating REAL FOOD . I didn’t mail away for supplements or shakes. You showed us how to get the nutrients we need by purchasing quality foods and combining those for maximum nutrition. You made it easy to follow but also provided the inspirational voice along the way. It wasn’t only about eating right but being mindful about how you are feeling. Not counting calories but being gentle with your body. I seriously CAN NOT say enough about your program. I encourage everyone to participate to see how incredible they can feel at the end of the 5 days. And by the way- yes I lost weight too .  THANK YOU!!
Cristin Cumberland
Aerobic Instructor, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
August 16, 2016


Lost four pounds, sleeping better
Sometimes you need something to help you break out of your day to day routine.  Maybe you eat the same old thing, not necessarily healthy, but easy.  I was looking for some changes and Lisa made it so easy by providing a lot of menu suggestions and support.  Lisa’s Detox Program was just what I needed to press “Reset” and change some of my daily habits.  Some of my personal takeaways were losing four pounds, sleeping better, more sensitivity to food taste and a desire to make some ongoing changes.  I’ve been out now for several weeks and have changed my breakfast and lunch selections resulting in more weight loss, less puffiness and more energy.  The changes have been easy to implement and that really works for me!

Karen Kirkland
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
August 11, 2016


I feel better, have more energy
It’s been a great 5 days!  The first day was certainly the hardest for me, the lack of caffeine had me in bed at 2pm with a horrible headache.  Things got better as the week went on and I really enjoyed trying new recipes and making better food choice and being more cognizant of my snacking habit.  Our favorite recipes were:  morning muesli, spicy chick peas and the Mexican beans and rice dish.

What’s changed for me?  I feel better, have more energy, I’ve lost 2 lbs. and I have a better understanding of my bad habits.

Thanks for all of your help and support, Lisa.

Allison Boissinot
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
July 25, 2016


Waist line smaller, not as bloated
First of all, thank you for your wonderful support and answering our questions with so much knowledge and patience.  Since I was a vegetarian, I didn’t think this detox would be as challenging, but it was.  I had a lot of headaches and felt miserable, and exhausted until Thursday.

This process has made me realize how much I wasn't aware of my own eating.  I learned to plan ahead, chew every bite very well, drink more water and ask myself if I’m really hungry before grabbing a snack.  I used to eat hurriedly and now I know I used to eat too much.

I did it!!! I'm so happy and feel great! I’ve been feeling more energetic in my fitness classes.  I lost 2 pounds but have noticed that my waist line is smaller and I’m not as bloated.  I enjoyed the recipes.  My husband tried the fennel salad and asked me to keep making it.  My college student daughter had a couple of bites of the Mexican bean and rice dish and said it was delicious.

This morning I had a 1/2 cup of coffee and it tasted terrific, even better than before.  I didn’t feel dependent on it though, and the green tea has been working out fine.  I will stick to the lemon hot water and the breakfast smoothies, they make me feel satisfied.  I will keep my eyes on the quantity of my food and water.

Doing this detox is sincerely the best decision I ever made.  Thank you again.

Rosiane Tanaka
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
July 23, 2016


Better path to healthier eating and living
This process has been so very enlightening and has brought new meaning to mindful eating. I am happy I decided to detox, despite the aching legs, as I think it has set me on a better path to healthier eating and living. The recipes are wonderful and a refreshing change. I've enjoyed being part of the group and thankful for the encouraging and educational posts I received.

Mary Connolly
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
July 22, 2016


Eating habits reset…lost weight

I am so glad I did this. I believe it really helped me examine and reset my eating habits to what I desire. Even though I was injured from the bike crash and could not run (which I do daily) I lost weight. I found that I got along fine without sugar and I will never buy prepared salad dressing again. The recipes were very helpful and I appreciate your comments Lisa about after the detox. Thanks so much for your leadership on this journey. Oh yes and one cup of coffee a day henceforth.  Definitely thought it was worthwhile and will influence me for a long time.

Peg Campbell
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
May 18, 2016


Mindful eating
I would highly recommend Lisa's 5 day cleanse. I decided to participate as a "learning project" and was very happy with my results. It has been easy for me to carry forth the lessons learned and although my eating habits before the detox were very good they are now much more mind full. I am "living" the detox to a high degree on a daily basis. 

Mary Brady
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
May 30, 2016


Feeling energized and lighter
I really enjoyed the Detox as I had never tried one before. The recipes were tasty and easy to prep and prepare. I love the morning muesli, and it is now my new favorite go to cereal.  I learned that I actually eat more cheese/dairy than I thought and without it I felt so much lighter, no bloat. I am cutting back on cheeses.  I felt more energized by week’s end and will continue to use these recipes and follow the rules to keep myself feeling light and healthy. Overall this was a great experience and I would do it again.  Thank you Lisa.

Susan Shelton
Pilates Instructor, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
May 25, 2016


Healthy lifestyle changes
Wonderful experience from start to finish.  From the Information Meeting, ideas, hints, incredible support, AND recipes, Lisa felt like a partner in it with me.   I made changes that supported good health!

Mary DeRoo
Yoga Instructor, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
May 25, 2016


Getting off of processed foods

I've really enjoyed this week! I have had some interrupted sleep and a bit of brain fog as Lisa foretold due to toxins releasing, but all the food was good and filling. I now have recipes for breakfast and lunch instead of snacking my way through the day. It is great to have some tools to try to eliminate eating processed foods. Thanks so much!

Bronwyn Steffen
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
May 20, 2016


Joints less sore…lost a few pounds
What I got out of the detox was affirmation of what eating good food does for my body and mind. My joints were not as sore after working out, my mind was clearer.  I was not hungry if I ate protein and fresh vegetables.  Lost a few pounds-always a bonus!!  I now know what to keep on hand at home to snack and eat healthy.

Laura Kloiber
Member, The Sports Club of Novi, MI
June 10, 2016


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